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Play T & C II: Thrilla's Surfari game in browser emulator. The game is here on OldGameShelf.com as a museum artwork for retro game lovers. This new T & C II: Thrilla's Surfari game could be played free on various devices: mobile phones, tablets, and laptops through web browsers. The game is categorized as Sports. And has received a super rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 2 players.
T&C II: Thrilla's Surfari is a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1992. It is a surfing-themed platformer game featuring the characters from the popular surf clothing brand Town & Country Surf Designs. Players control one of the T&C characters on a quest to rescue their friend, B.C. from an evil witch doctor named Thrilla. The game features side-scrolling gameplay with various obstacles and enemies to overcome, and players must also manage their surfer's health and energy levels while riding the waves.
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