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Play Metal Flame Psy Buster Jap NES Online

Metal Flame Psy Buster Jap online is a classic NES game on the browser based emulator of OldGameShelf.com. This unblocked retro game is preserved as a museum artwork for gaming enthusiasts. Enjoy the nostalgia of playing this Metal Flame Psy Buster Jap game for free on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops within your web browser. Explore its diverse gameplay and discover its genre, represented by the tags: action. This game has gotten the rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 1 players.
- Metal: This is likely a shortening of "Metallic" or "Metallic Armor", implying that the game may involve robots or futuristic technology. - Flame: This suggests that fire, heat, or burning might play a prominent role in the game mechanics or story. - Psy Buster: "Psy" could be short for "psychic," indicating that there may be elements of psychic powers or abilities involved. "Buster" can mean different things depending on the context, but in this case it could refer to a type of weapon or attack used by the player character. - Jap: This is likely short for "Japanese," indicating that the game was originally developed and released in Japan.
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